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Here is what some DRI WASH 'n GUARD user has to say about the products.

I have been using Dri Wash 'n Guard Waterless Car Wash for several years now. It is still hard for me to believe how good this product really is. To put a product right over the dirt, without scratching and not wash the car first is truly amazing and remarkable.

Tips and Trainging Videos, Please watch a video below to learn how to use our wonderful products.

Using Dri Wash 'n Guard Ultra-Ion.

Tire and Trim Treatment, and Ultra-Ion to clean a tire
Tire and Trim Treatment on plastic car panels.




"These six photos are pictures of my cars and I use Dri Wash 'n Guard Waterless Car Wash on all of them. None of my vehicles have been to a car wash for over twelve years. I use this product all the time winter or summer it makes no difference. Now nobody can have an excuse for not having a clean car all of the time. It is a product ahead of it's time and technology at it's best. Buy some and try it you won't be sorry. Remember your car is the second largest investment you will ever buy, please take care of it so your car can take care of you.

Bob Johnson


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Before DRI WASH 'n GUARD. All-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment &










DRI WASH 'n GUARD. All-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment