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December 9th, 2010

I have used the Dri Wash n Guard on two previous black cars and now on my 08 Porsche and I can't express how nice it is to be able to clean a black car without scratching it. As you may know, black is a color you can't mess around with, no wiping a dusty dirty car or you are in for lots of scratches. Not with this! Actually I usually wash the car first and use this as a polish and protectant, but the same still applies. I also use it for a quick touch up if birds or something make a mess on the car. I don't worry about wiping with it on and get a quick shine and smooth protection.

Terry from Berkeley, California - United States
December 7th, 2010

We all know Ultr-Ion requires a Microfiber towel in the buffing process. The greatest benefit for me besides the obvious shine and protection is the time savings in not having to wash the car/boat, etc. before application.

Just a reminder. Do not use a softner sheet in the drier after washing a micro fiber towel. There is some element in the softner sheet that prohibits the removel of the polish and a haze will appear.

Dri Wash 'n Guard is my polish of choice for my 2010 Camaro SS and aids in catching the eye of many admirers.

Robert from Fenton, Michigan - United States
December 9th, 2010

I recently tried several of the Waterless Carwash Products and have to say I was very impressed with the ease of their use and the deep shine left behind. I have sence recommended these products to friends and family. I have to say I didn't order any towels but received one and will be placing a order for more microfiber towels. High quality products all round.

Steve from Hilliard, Ohio - United States
June 9th, 2011

I've been using Dri Wash 'n Guard since 1999 when it was recommended to me by a fellow RV owner. It always did a fantastic job on my RV, and it's ease of use made a difficult job much faster and easier. I've since retired from RV'ing, but I still use several products from this company on my auto. I sometimes clean an auto or two for friends and they are always impressed with the beautiful, long-lasting finish that these products deliver.

Rich from Melbourne, Florida - United States
March 23rd, 2011

Five years ago I had a 1999 Maxima that had been cleaned by several detailers. They never got the chrome wheels clean, they were always black. I also tried several cleaners which did not work. Then I met George and his product, DriWash and my wheels were spottless!
Since then I have a 2004 Maxima and it simply looks like a new car, it was garaged for about 5 years and I have had it for about 4 years and i live at the ocean (no garage)with all that salt air and my car looks new!
My husband has a 2004 porsche 911 convertible and of course the only cleaning is done with your DriWash.
Thank you from Hawaii!

Merry Anne from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii - United States
September 22nd, 2015

I have been using Dri 'wash & guard for about 20 years... Not only do I use it on my car which is fantastic, but then I had beautiful tile floors installed in my hallways, kitchen & bathrooms in my home in AZ and I use it on them whenever they are deep cleaned, which I do about once a year, even tho they could go much longer.. The tiles still look brand new and they were installed in 1997. Between deep cleanings, the floors stay shiny and new looking with just a damp mopping. I dearly love this product and would not be without it in my home.
Try it once and you will never be without it again.

Claire Poff

Claire from Lake Havasu City, Arizona - United States
December 9th, 2010

We use and have used nothing but Dri Wash n Guard on all our vehicles for the past 9 years. We were introduced to the produce while living in Florida. My husband and son took the course to learn how to use the product. Just wanted to share our photos with you to see how beautiful our car is.
Thank you Barb, Don and Marc

Barbara from , North Carolina - United States
February 8th, 2011

I have been using dry wash for about 10 years now and have purchasing thru this site for about the last 5. They truly care about there customers and i also like the free towel they give with the order.

keep up the good work

Phil from any, Washington - United States
March 2nd, 2011

I was a distributor several years ago but have never stopped using DWG products. I have a 1994 pick up that I have been using Dri wash on since 1995 and it doesn't have a speck of rust on it. I truly believe that it is a direct result of the protection DWG provides. Great products everyone should give them a try.

Ken from Olathe, Kansas - United States
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