Sunday, July 9, 2017

DRI WASH 'n GUARD CLASSIC 32oz without pump bottle [edit]

Already have the pump bottle at home? Then save money without buying an extra pump bottle!! DRI WASH 'n GUARD CLASSIC Waterless Car Wash with exclusive Poly Guard-3 is so versatile that virtually any hard, non-porous surface can be cleaned, polished, and protected without water; cars, boats, recreational vehicles, diesel trucks, motorcycles, skis, busses, airplanes, and more!
For best results buff with our Autofiber Elite Microfiber Towel
32oz Refill Without pump bottle (for best results always use with the 8oz pump)

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  1. Okay so my personal opinion, if you want someone to order online you need to make it have better marketing for example put up pictures and reviews of people who have brought the product.

  2. Each time they have been helpful and pointed me in the right direction. They don't try and talk you into things you don't need. I originally started going to the one in the mercedes interior parts Good guys there too....I felt with Scott, Chris and Drew in Covina. A small hick-up but these guys made things right and I highly recommend them.

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