Sunday, December 24, 2017

Panasonic Arc 5 Electric Razor

So for years I have hated electric shavers, none ever worked well for me.  I get rather thick facial hair, and a razor really made my face raw, my solution for years was to shave like once a week or less. I would use hair trimmers with a 000 setting, unless I needed something close.  Then I would use a razor after that.  I was reading reviews and came across the Panasonic Arc 5 reviews, and while expensive I figured it was worth a try as Panasonic offers a satisfaction which I was hoping I would not need to jump thru a bunch of hoops if it sucked.

The first time I used it had about a weeks worth of beard, and wow it took it all off. It did take a while in the section I did, so I decided to use the trimmer on it to remove most, and go over it.  It is a Wet / Dry so you can use it either way, typically I use it dry but sometime I will use some shaving cream, or shave butter with it, and it works great.  This is by far the best shaver I have ever used.  Gets it nice and close, and takes less then 2 minutes a day.  The charge lasts for quite a while, and has a built in power meter.  It even has a cleaning mode to move the head when rinsing.  I did not get the one with the cleaning stand, as I don't really have room to leave that out all the time.  What I do is clean it with rubbing alcohol every once in a while.   I have been using it since August (about 5 months) and I really love it.

I would recommend trying it if you hate electric shavers and stay away because they always sucked.  It is available online at quite a bit lower then I paid for it when I got it (its dropped about $50 so the current price I would not say is as expensive as it was at the time, and near what I would expect to pay for a quality razor.


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  2. The panasonic provides great comfortability. So it always rank under top 10 electric shaver.


  3. Many cheap best electric shavers UK come with flexible heads that can tilt in several directions, making sure that you get all those tiny hairs off in one quick sweep.